Company | Interplast Chemicals

INTERPLAST CHEMICALS has been a leading company in the synthetic leather and textile coating industries with its high-quality, fast service, win-win pricing strategy and customer-oriented satisfaction policies for more than 40 years. It has combined its past financial success with new chemical technologies. As the first polyurethane and finish manufacturer in Turkey, it is a dynamic company with sustainable future goals and an innovative product composition.

We are experts in what we do

We have the necessary human resources, technical expertise and infrastructure that allows us to our job in the best possible way. Our company is designed in a flexible manner to both focus on the demand curve and to adapt to an ever-changing market. This is how we become more competitive, set an example in our industry with our corporate policies and make a difference. Whenever we need to make a decision and take action, we take our corporate strategy and direction into account.

We create value for our customers

We provide our clients with the highest quality in production and services. We rapidly understand our  partners’ business and critical demands. We customize our products, services and, if necessary, our way of doing business, accordingly.

We support perpetual progress

We are curious. We participate and share. We work tirelessly with a high-performance team, full of people that are keen on learning and improving themselves. We partner up with our clients to meet their needs in the next step of their progress towards the future. We are innovative and creative.

We reach for and grab success

We take responsibility, we keep ourselves highly motivated while working for concrete results. We aim high and we follow the requirements of the time we live in. We listen to our clients, support new ideas and initiatives to meet our goals. We enjoy creating opportunities with our result-oriented principles and solving problems.