Internal Precautions Taken Againts COVID-19 | Interplast Chemicals

Dear Valuable Partners,

Due to the current situation of COVID-19 and its growing global impact, in order to prevent the spread and aiming to protect public health within the scope of our social responsibility; As Interplast Kimya, we have started to implement our precautions which aims to minimizing risks.

Within this context we would like to inform you that our production is continued without any interruption andbeside that there is no disruption or delay in our supply channels for all of our customers especially medical textile and technical textile producers.

Precautions Taken:

Changing Working Hours:

In order to prevent personnel interaction in unit time and place, the working hours have been changed immediately.

Contacting to Substances:

All personnel cards were activated for eliminating the contact with the surface.

Common Areas:

All common areas are continously and frequently cleaned with
Antibacterial products, cologne, antiseptic products are supplied to the employees and allcommon areas.

All Open Areas:

All regions in the factory and company vehicles are regularly disinfected.

Food Hall:

Table and kitchen tools are served for one person only. Lunch periods were changed accordingly.


Immune system is regularly supported with freshly squeezed Orange, Grapefruit, Pomegranate juice
Immune system is regularly supported with herbal

Meetings and Supervisions:

All meetings and supervisions are carried out online.


Working hours and the system were re-organized for only one person to work .


During the logistic operations in the plant, gloves, goggles and masks are mandatory to wear.

Risk Groups:

Those with chronic illness, age limit and any illnessin their family, etc. are provided with administrative leaveand follow-up at home.

For all Employees:

With the laser thermometer checking temperature of each employee without touch at the factory entrances.

Employee Transportation Service:

The number of employees were re-arranged and the vehicles are disinfected every day.


Visitor entries are restricted temporarily.