With its innovative production technology, Interplast manufactures polyester, polyether, polycarbonate and high-quality composite molecule-based aromatic and aliphatic polyurethane products.

+  Aliphatic Polyurethane Resin

+  Aromatic Polyurethane Resin

+  Special Polyurethane Resin

(Polycarbonate PU, Eco-Friendly PU etc.

+  Polyurethane Resin for Coagulation

+  Polyurethane Resin for Bronzing Textiles

With the new products we have developed in our R&D center, we meet the needs of many industries. We also offer customized products tailored to needs of our customers’ with our revised formulas as alternative solutions.

Sectors serviced by our special solutions;

Synthetic Leather

• Automotive
• Handbags
• Shoes and Slippers
• Garment
• Upholstery
• Bookbinding
• Marine

Technical Textiles

• Medical
• Military
• Sports Wear
• Protective Wear – Workewar

Bronzing Textiles

• Upholstery
• Garment
• Handbags