Quality Policy | Interplast Chemicals

Our goal is to become a pioneering manufacturer of the future, which constantly improves all of its products and production processes within its value chain by supporting them with projects that are backed by viable scientific research and development, and by maintaining a culture of quality with a total quality management policy throughout our organization. Keeping the highest customer satisfaction levels, managing customer feedback in an effective manner and delivering products on time by effective resource utilization are part of our quality management system goals.

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ISO Policies

(The International Organization for Standardization)

We work decisively to implement and sustain the efficient management control processes clearly defined by ISO 9001 Quality Management System in order to reach our corporate goals and meet our clients’ expectations. These controls include authorization management, responsibility and capability of taking corrective measures for problem solving. We have developed a systematic approach towards the ISO standard to show that planning and supervision of equipment and staff capabilities are in line with a standard that ensures the requirements of the contracts are met and corrective measures are taken before production. We promise to be a manufacturer that is respectful to its clients and the environment, and one that improves its performance in every aspect of its business.

OHS Policies


Interplast aims to protect its staff from workplace-related accidents and health impairments by implementing the globally recognized seven-step guideline for Proactive Occupational Health and Safety, and employing an occupational safety culture in all the safe/unsafe areas within the corporate premises.
Morever, it strives for a zero occupational accident and zero occupational health impairment policy by implementing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system.

In this regard, Interplast promises to;

• Meet all legal liabilities regarding Occupational Health and Safety,

• Adopt a principle of shared responsibility among its staff when it comes to improvements,

• Set goals for full participation of its staff in Risk Evaluation and Lowering Risk Levels activities,

• Reach its sustainable ”Zero Occupational Accident” goal by fostering an Occupational Health and Safety culture.

• Reach its use global resources effectively by contributing to the continuous protection of the environment.

For sustainability purposes, we provide regular monthly trainings on Health and Safety issues (12 hours per year for each employee) in order to nurture a culture of safety. In addition to these trainings, we aim to raise awareness by showing our employees the hazards in the workplace through process simulations of work stations and equipments. In these training stations specifically designed for each production unit, employees learn about potential production hazards and the precautions they can take to prevent them. Pictograms depicting the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) are used in these stations, and the use of the PPEs are demonstrated for the employees.


(Information Safety Management System Policy)

Interplast Information Safety aims to;

Protect Interplast‘s corporate reputation and reliability,
Bring awareness to the risks involved in the confidentiality and accessibility of all information assets belonging to our company, our clients, our suppliers and our business partners, and manage all risks in a professional manner,
Establish the sustainability of information systems to ensure the continuity of the core business activities without least possible interruption,
Create a high level of awareness with effective trainings to ensure continous improvement in its employees,
Determine compliance in third party contracts and actively implement necessary technical safety protocols,
Preventing the occurrence of new risks by systematically focusing on information safety.

Environmental Policy

We realize that environmentally friendly products and production processes play a vital role in the future of both our industry and our planet. Therefore, Interplast has a goal to implement and improve proactive environment and energy management systems. By using materials that have less environmental impact and more recycling opportunities, it aims to reduce its energy and water consumption, waste production, water and air emissions to a minimum. It is a duty and a responsibility for us to operate in line with the international standards for all legal and other liabilities pertaining to waste production.